Snowboard for Adults

Discovering different but equally exhilarating sensations

Scheduled : snowboarding in all its aspects for a complete approach for beginners or experts.
Our ski school at the ESF Valloire offers your teens group snowboard lessons to teach them to master their board. Our instrucors will teach them how to make their curves always more beautiful on all kinds of snows and slopes and how to perform jumps.


From sunday to friday
Morning9:15 am to 11:45 am
Afternoon2:15 pm to 4:45 pm
2:30 pm to 5:00 pm (starting from 7th February 2016)

Snowboard course's price - without inSURANCE

From Sunday to Friday
6 mornings
€ 126,00
6 afternoons
€ 126,00
6 days € 190,00
6 mornings
€ 158,00
6 afternoons
€ 140,00
6 days€ 220,00


Season 2015/2016
From Sunday to Friday

Initiation sessions

Your teen insists on trying out snowboarding ? We offer initiation sessions.
Every night from friday to thursday, during school holidays from 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm.
One of our instructors will take care of your teen for snowboard discovery sessions, a sport that raises a lot of enthusiasm.


All season long
session€ 30,00

Meeting point : 

Only one departure spot :
  • The center of the station


Do not forget :
  • Ski lift passes from the 1st day, insurance and slopes plan.
  • Material ready, adapted clothes, ski mask
  • Gloves, helmet, dorsal, wrist protections (for beginners)
  • Drink and food
  • Sunscream, small compact screwdriver and phone (you never know!)

Ski or Snowboard Freestyle course

Join our team in the snow park 

Freestyle is a sport that combines the fundamentals of sliding to those of the acrobatics and that consists on performing aerial tricks with skis.
With a professional, the participants will have fun in the snowpark Crey du Quart : snowpark, Big Airbag initiation, Humps, fun ski or snowboard for adults.
  • Required level :  classe 3 ou 3° snow
  • Required Pass : Valloire-Valmeinier
  • Advised protection : helmet, dorsal.
  • The course takes place if there is a minimum of 8 participants.
  • Departure from the station center only
  • Lessons in the afternoon only


French Christmas and February school holidays.
Beginning of season until February14:15 - 16:45 
French February and Easter school holidays14:30 - 17:00 

Freestyle course's price - without inSURANCE

From sunday to friday
6 afternoons€ 140,00

optional during your order

Season 2015/2016
Carré Neige and trip cancellation insurance available before and during your stay
€ 19,80

Freestyle initiation

  • For beginners in freestyle (ski or snowboard)
  • All season long
  • From 5.15 to 6.30 pm
  • No booking

initiation's price

For beginner.
session€ 37,00